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Integrating Ecological Planning & Practice

Permaculture Design and Consulting

A complete guide to creating plant guilds.

For permaculture designers and professional growers, to backyard growers.


a premiere permaculture work-in-progress

Wayne's Blog

Check out what Wayne is saying about Permaculture in his personal blog! Find out about his latest projects, classes he’s teaching, lectures he’s giving, conferences and tradeshows he will be attending and what he’s doing in his own garden. Tune in to see his latest writings on his favorite subject – PLANTS! Expect to learn a little something new about everything and anything Permaculture!

Permaculture Education

Permaculture education is best presented as experiential and hands-on. It calls forth the skills of the entire person and builds dexterity in all areas of life, focusing on ecological and environmental well-being. The art of Permaculture is a design science that integrates the learning of all traditions and cultures, their life and folkways, and the many forms that appropriate technology takes through the diverse intertwining web that is all life. Find current classes and workshops on Wayne’s Calendar.

Permaculture Consulting

Permaculture consulting by the Permaculture Project LLC involves a comprehensive 8-phase planning and design process that includes site visits, research, assessments and interviews as well as one or more of the following technical additions: GPS/GIS base mapping, Sketchup Animations, CAD Drawings, Hand Drawings, Drone Surveys, Drone Camera Pictures (aerials) and more.

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