Hi Wayne and Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for being my teachers in that first permaculture course 3 years ago. Of course it had a tremendous impact on my life and all much has changed since then. I just want you both to know that I hold you in my heart in a very special way.

I have a young friend here in the Madison area that is being offered the opportunity to manage some very large forested acreage for his Grandmother in Jefferson County not too far from here. He is an incredible young man, and had learned much on his own, and hopes to take a PDC this winter. I told him the course at The Farm in TN might be right up his alley Wayne. I directed him to you through your web sites. I’d appreciate some moments for him if it’s possible.

Wow, so much has been happening. I have been working with the Madison Area Community Land Trust on developing food forests on some of their properties. Did a design for a specially funded retrofit that they own on the eastside. Am in the process of developing a plan with another Non-Profit called Operation Fresh Start who trains young folks in construction skills, and then with our area United Way. We are trying to get permaculture skills passed on to the young folks and improvements made to the properties where houses are rebuilt, and then also teach skills possibly to Americorp Volunteers through United Way. Collaboration has worked very well for me.

I am teaching an Urban Permaculture Wkshp. at the Midwest Value Added Conference in January and being acknowledged also in January at the Badger Bioneers Conference as one of the 10 honored Bioneers for my innovative work with permaculture in the area and the region. Very sweet cause this year has had its challenges and a tad bit of burn out.

I’m also the Co-Leader of the Water Issues Team for Town & Country RC&D and continuinig to enjoy more journey with water. I designed and directed the building of a rain garden at our local library, work with the Madison Fruits & Nuts core group, and of course Transition Madison Area.

I believe I’ll have over doubled my income this year over last. It’s still not what it should be, but getting closer.

Hope I haven’t bored you with my updates, but you are both somewhat responsible for these various accomplishments and I honor you for that.

Tom is good and I finally got my own orchard area planted in with guilds and sheet mulched!! 2/3rds of our backyard turf is now history!!

Hope you both are well!!