I wonder what pigs in lipstick would look like?

“Dear Editor:

At the Dec. 15 meeting of the Carbondale City Council, West Pecan Street resident Wayne Weiseman (me) stated the desire of some urban dwellers to go back to the farm. This is after Weiseman lobbied the panel to allow him to keep poultry for eggs on his residential lot in city limits.

I am confused. Does Weiseman want to return to the farm or bring the farm to the city?

Municipal codes restricting livestock ownership are in place for a reason. Because of the stench and potential for disease, many urban dwellers do not want a chicken ranch in the neighbors’ backyard.

If Weiseman wants a farm, there are several plots of land for sale in rural Jackson County that are suitable for that purpose.

I live outside the city limits. If Weiseman’s fowl request is approved, I will consider moving back into Carbondale and asking permission to keep hogs for bacon. If my petition is denied, I’ll put lipstick on the pigs and start a circus conforming with the law!”

Thanks for the feedback! A chicken ranch? A circus? Stir it up.