PermaCulture OnLine Training (PCOLT), Mentoring & Consultation

The Permaculture Project LLC is developing a program whereby we will be able to offer an individual mentoring program through our PermaCulture OnLine Training  (PCOLT) and consulting program for those that cannot afford to travel or cannot take the time off from daily responsibilities to tackle the full PDC. On-line sessions are an efficient way to get the ball rolling on your property and for you to begin the process of learning about the diverse methodologies of Permaculture.

We are exploring establishing an online platform either on GoToMeeting or another platform accessible by students, land stewards and clients all over the world. Please check back here often to see any new developments.  The program will include some or all of the following:

  • Pre-design sessions in order to generate a vision and goals for your property. This is an initial meeting where we get to know you (the client).
  • Rather than travel to your site we can do a good amount of work remotely. There will be many instances where a site visit is tantamount to developing a detailed design, but general points can be accomplished on line.
  • If you would prefer online instruction and mentoring, on a diverse range of topics, we work with groups and individuals. Please contact The Permaculture Project LLC for more information and to set up an initial conversation.
  • Presentations and interactive programs.

The Permaculture Project LLC on line consultation sessions are charged in one-hour segments at our hourly rate of US $150/hour. We exercise our standard 8-step process that has been refined over 40 years of practical experience. Whether you are working with us on-line or on the ground we work through these steps in order to produce a thorough and detailed development plan for your landbase, whether it is a homesite, village, city, farm, business or other.

The Permaculture Project LLC educational training/mentoring sessions are priced typically at $150.00 per person for a 90-minute session. This price is negotiable, based on number of students attending sessions.

Cancellation /Refund Policy

We are happy to give you a full refund if you cancel within 14 days prior to the date of any scheduled Permaculture Project LLC session minus a $50 administration fee. If you are not able to cancel your booking within 14 days then we are cannot provide a refund though you can use your payment toward a future Permaculture Project LLC offering.

Contact The Permaculture Project LLC today to enroll in an educational training session or to request individual mentoring or consultation.