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Comprehensive Farm and Garden Planning

Are you feeling that it is time to make a difference in the way you farm or garden, that the use of excessive chemicals, lack of soil management and involvement in the degradation of the local ecosystem, along with the raising of depleted crops, has got to change? The principles and methodologies of Permaculture are an excellent place to begin the transition process:

The Permaculture Project LLC provides consulting services to farmers and gardeners who want to include Permaculture principles and methodologies in their operations. This entails looking at all aspects of the farming / gardening operation and devising a plan that is “environmentally sound and economically viable”.

Whether the operation is a start-up or in transition to greater sustainability, we examine your property thoroughly and look for opportunities to create changes based on organic and Permaculture whole systems design. For example, we will identify opportunities for slowing down and holding the water that flows across the landscape. By making use of water where it falls, crop yields are increased and natural sources of potable and non-potable water are readily available for practical utilization. We also determine ways for holding precious topsoil where it is needed most by plants and animals.

Some areas that have been addressed for previous clients include:

  • Transitioning from Chemical to Organic Agriculture
  • Broadacre Permaculture Design for Farms and Agroforestry Systems
  • Farm Planning and Implementation
  • Broadacre Permaculture Farm Design
  • Small Farm Business Planning
  • Backyard Garden Education, Planning and Implementation
  • Food Forest and Agroforestry Planning and Development
  • Holistic Management for Animals: Rotational Grazing and Grazing Planning, Silvopasture, Alley Cropping
  • Keyline analysis and design, and earthworks for water management
  • Crop selection
  • Soils and fertility
  • Biodynamic, Biointensive, Masanobu Fukuoka, Organics, Permaculture Systems
  • Urban agricultural systems design and implementation