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Water & Keyline Design / Watershed Planning & Management

jim_kovach_glengary-wv_02_contoursAnalysis at the watershed scale adds scientific underpinning as well as creative solutions to projects that aspire to protect or improve water resources. By mapping natural ecosystems using watershed boundaries rather than political boundaries, land owners can develop integrated plans that are more valuable than the sum of their parts: management unit and subwatershed delineation, flood analysis & probabilities, stormwater storage assessment, hydrologic modeling and the formation of summary statistics for analysis purposes. Watershed analysis is not limited to large scale delineation, it is applicable to all scales from a postage stamp sized property to many square miles of major river and its drainages.

Stream Assessment Model and Mapping

By taking the information from a watershed management plan to the next level of refinement, we can turn broad scale plans into specific projects that address environmental issues at very high resolution: utilize GIS and fieldwork to quickly identify potential stream stabilization and restoration areas that cater to increased stream quality and stability. This type of project begins with a data collection stage that includes topographic and slope analysis.

Topographic/Slope Analysis

Examination of slope, aspect and hillshade for the purpose of buffer creation and erosion prevention. topography, hydrology, impervious cover, land use, and aerial photographs to identify and measure key geomorphic tends and relationships. Fieldwork is then used to ground truth findings and pinpoint locations for concern. Slope analysis is the first step in managing water on a property.

We examine a property thoroughly and seek out opportunities for slowing down and holding the water that flows across the landscape. We design for holding precious topsoil where it is needed most: for plants and animals. By making use of water where it falls crop yields are augmented and natural sources of potable and non-potable water are readily available for practical utilization. Our services include complete water and soils assessment and recommendations for the following:

  • Keyline design and contour mapping
  • Holding water and nutrients on the property
  • Watershed delineation
  • Water management and planning
  • Erosion control
  • Best management practices (design and construction)
  • Riparian zone restoration
  • Rain garden planning