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Advanced Permaculture Courses: Teacher Training and Design

The Permaculture Project LLC offers advanced training. If you feel called to teach Permaculture or to develop your skills in designing Permaculture plans for your or others’ properties, you will want to check out the advanced trainings offered by Wayne Weiseman. His advanced courses are taught throughout the USA. These courses take the PDC and build upon it in ways that allow you to grow. These trainings:

  • Will take you to the next level, focus you into your profession as a designer or teacher
  • Helps you to strengthen all your skills
  • Gives you the courage to create what is needed
  • Upgrade work with clients and students
  • Develop an inner security
  • Information will be put at your fingertips, research and finding resources will become second nature
  • You will understand how to build a business through PC, become an expert in your chosen field no longer at the mercy of a JOB or the corporation
  • Develop expertise with all the tools available to you that you learn about in the courses
  • You will learn people skills, what motivates your clients and students and the best ways to approach any situation that arises
  • You will learn how best to configure curriculum and design narratives, reports and visuals with excellence
  • You will learn how to present the PC lifestyle to them in the most efficacious manner
  • You will learn how to search out and communicate what is essential in all your work and learn how to communicate to students and clients: skills, designs for life
  • You will become a lightning rod for change in this world that has become so compromised in so many ways.