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Curriculum Development


Children’s disconnection form nature, from doing for themselves, from hands-on skills, is bringing disastrous results for our planet. Children are our hope for the present and the future. We want them to step away from the consumer mentality. Unless we make these changes we are all in for some deep shit. We must act now!!! We must communicate care of earth, care of people, fair share to students. Get the training that can get you there to help kids and young adults of all ages to take an ethical stance against the repeated degradation foisted upon the population. Help them create an abundant life for themselves and all around them.

We are all about changing what has become status quo, the destruction and degradation of natural systems, the relinquishment of beauty, the depletion of natural resource, the destruction of forests and the poisoning of water and soil.

We are facing peak water and peak soil- how will we survive this if we do not act? By implementing whole systems design and by restoring all that has been compromised and lost by our actions. We call you to action! Get in touch with us now and change your life, your family’s life by taking steps to learn how to help reinvigorate natural systems, grow healthy food, build healthy buildings. Natural systems are our lifeline and we are killing it. Take a real hard look around. Look! We cannot wait any longer. How can we find true security in life if everything is failing? What are we waiting for? What?

Come and learn! Change your life!

The Permaculture Project LLC offers pre-service training and in-service support for educators in Permaculture, nature observation, environmental sciences, current issues, hands-on field experience, co-operative learning, curriculum exploration and methods for development, student assessment and evaluation.

In partnership with teachers, The Permaculture Project LLC creates programs that help students penetrate into a deeper understanding of land, plants and animals, springs, rivers, groundwater, oceans, and the effect of human beings upon the landscape. As Thomas Berry states, “There is presently no other way for humans to educate themselves for either their survival or fulfillment than through the instruction available through the natural world.”

We seek to restructure education so that it integrates holistic learning with school curricula and creates programs that promote personal self-discovery in the natural world by:

  • Encouraging self reflection on Nature
  • Increasing and defining ecological and bioregional literacy
  • Studying cultural and natural diversity
  • Teaching global thinking and the spiritual understanding of the natural world
  • Celebrating change, observing and studying the rhythms and evolution of Nature
  • Creating sustainable designs for living within a region of study
  • Recreating the life and folk ways of local prehistoric and historic cultures
  • Intertwining environmental and ecological studies with our daily existence