Plant Lectures and Practicums

Wayne Weiseman initiated the writing of a book on plants and how they are central to a healthy human habitat. The book, Integrated Forest Gardening, is a comprehensive guide to creating plant guilds. It is co-authored by Bryce Ruddock and Dan Halsey. It is available through Chelsea Green Publishing –

Based on this book and on his extensive experience Wayne offers lectures, classes and hands-on practicums on all things “plant”. He is passionate about care of earth and care of people. Plants are a critical component to creating a balanced, healthy life.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting a class, Contact Us here at The Permaculture Project for a custom plant course or practicum for your group or event. Customized offerings may include some or all of the following topics:


  • Natural plant guilds in the wild and the importance of observation
  • Simple structure of a plant guild – a step-by-step approach from design to construction
  • Animal interactions with plant guilds
  • Overview of example plant guilds – who, what, why, where, and how


  • Techniques to help you identify trees and plants
  • Understanding the significance of trees and plants in the landscape
  • How to use plants for food, medicine and utility
  • Plant walks to observe trees and plants in their natural environment
  • Identify and harvest wild and cultivated plants
  • Process plants to create tinctures, decoctions, infusions, teas, salves, ferments and more
  • Identify methods to employ plants as windbreaks, shelter belts, habitat for animals, and useful companions for other plants
  • Define and review plant guilds, food forests, basic plant biology, basic botany, effects of weather on vegetation, interactions with animals, and the processes of various habitats and ecosystems (including farm ecosystems)
  • Plant propagation, including starting from seed or cutting, grafting, seed saving and more
  • Prairie restoration and the importance of native plants
  • Exploration of local plant ecosystems (e.g. prairie, woodland, savanna, riparian zones, pastures, gardens, farm fields, etc)