Kinstone PDC

Chapel Gardens at Kinstone

Location: Kinstone, near Fountain City, WI

2014 Summer Permaculture Design Course

Casey Colafrancesco, Katrina Groshens, Jennifer Vazquez, Matt West, Andrea Wilson, Kedrik Lund, Shannon Just, Delton Heil, Jim Barmore, Dayna Conner, Rok Jerenko, Susan M. Brylski, and Kate Plachetka

“That’s awesome.” –Kat Groshens

The mission of Kinstone is to help students and visitors build proper eco-skills necessary to be successful in all areas of life. All work and play at Kinstone is guided by the permaculture principles Care of Earth, Care of People and Ethical Surplus Distribution, while building an ecological-human support base. The vision of Kinstone is to create spaces for these principles to be applied through critical thinking and various hand skills; in essence, merging theory and practice on the landscape and in our communities.

The Chapel at Kinstone is one of three major features on the property; it is the heart of Kinstone. The Chapel is oriented in relation to the two other major features in a triangle, bringing energy to and from each element. The Chapel is meant to be used for non-programmatic events requiring no additional infrastructure, such as weddings. Features highlighted are incorporating gradual color and texture to help visitors “feel” the spiral, including soothing plant combinations tied with thoughtful Chapel colors. Emphasis is on the Canticle of Brother Son and Sister Moon and St. Francis themes. The overall chapel spiral encourages meditation, prayers, and sensual, meandering walks.