Fort Worth Community Food Works PDC

Community Food Works!

Permaculture Site Narrative for Vacant City Lot
Located at the Corner of 8th Ave. and Lowden St. in Fort Worth
October 2012

Designed by: Wayne Weiseman’s Permaculture Design Certification Course: Ft. Worth, TX 2012

Client: Elizabeth Samudio

The idea behind Community Food Works! (CFW) is to turn an unproductive city lot into a productive public landscape using permaculture design principles: Care of Earth, Care of People, and Share of Abundance. Fort Worth is located in the rolling hills of the Great Plains region of north-central Texas. It is a cross timber forest made up of a mix of prairie, savanna, and woodlands. It forms part of the boundary between the more heavily forested eastern country and the almost treeless Great Plains. Fort Worth’s climate is continental and humid subtropical, characterized by wide variations in annual weather conditions, long, hot summers, and short, mild winters. The design team used the region’s natural environment as a source of inspiration, creating a permaculture-based landscape narrative telling the story of Fort Worth’s natural processes.

Community Food Works! Site Goals:

  1. Grow a low maintenance edible food forest.
  2. Demonstrate the principles of permaculture on a vacant city lot.
  3. Provide an aesthetically pleasing and safe community gathering space.
  4. Implement a functional design layout that could remain regardless of future lot use.
  5. Provide sponsorship opportunities for businesses, non-profits and individuals to invest in the community.
  6. Encourage diverse interaction and education by illustrating a model of permaculture through bilingual signs strategically placed around the site.