Stelle Illinois Autumn PDC

Team 1

Kasandra (the client) expressed an interest in creating a sustainable agriculture system around her permanent residence. The house is a shared ownership; the focus of this project is for one half of the residence only. Although we were not contracted to determine the condition of the house, it should be noted that we felt an obligation to the client to let her know that at multiple locations on the NE corner of the house and the south wall near the front entrance the siding has absorbed enough water to become spongy. The downspout located on the rear corner of the garage has been connected, but it appears to have disconnected for some time as the ground has sunk causing a depression in the ground. The potential for foundation damage is there. We suggest that a home inspector or other qualified person review this to make sure that once the permaculture project starts it will not be interrupted with minor or major home repairs.

Upon inspection of the property, we noted several locations that standing water could create soft soil conditions which would hamper the usability of a major part of the side yard. This will be a major focus of our attention. The client also indicated that the wooden deck and arbor will be removed to make way for a stone patio repurposing the driveway concrete which is planned to be removed. Our plan indicates that the driveway be converted to pervious driveway pavers.

Team 2

The October 2010 Permaculture Design Certification Course team members: Noah Madlin, Michelle Pohlman, Sophia Rog, Kurt Rowe, Emma Schroeder, and Kimberly Waller are pleased to present our Permaculture design for the property of Kasandra Ireland residing at 110 Sun Street, Stelle, IL 60919.

We have incorporated many of the Permaculture ideas, concepts and related thoughts synthesized among and between our course members throughout this week of study into the following pages.

We hope that your journey into actualizing our created vision for your property is as fun and exciting as our journey into Permaculture Design has been.

Client’s Goals

  1. Eliminate water overflow in backyard and along walkway from garage to back door.
  2. Tear down back deck, raise ground level, and put in a patio.
  3. Beautiful, multifunctional flowers.
  4. No grass to mow.
  5. A pond: frogs, fish…
  6. Celtic aesthetic: spirals, circles, knots, labyrinth…
  7. Removal of some trees in back yard for additional sun.