Urban Coyotes Could Be Setting the Stage for Larger Carnivores — Wolves, Bears and Mountain Lions — To Move Into Cities

We have circumscribed their habitat and now they, who have never really left, are resurfacing en mass. As the world’s population grows and expands, so does the animal population as it takes advantage of the “waste” left behind by human negligence and surfeit. Read this timely article…

Bill Mollison on Gynekinetophobia and Zoophobia

“I confess to a rare problem – gynekinetophobia, or the fear of women falling on me – but this is a rather mild illness compared with many affluent suburbanites, who have developed an almost total zoophobia, or fear of anything that moves. It is, as any traveler can confirm, a complaint best developed in the affluent North America, and seems to be part of the blue toilet dyes, air fresheners, lots of paper tissues, and two showers a day.

It is very difficult, almost taboo, to talk of using rabbits, quail, pigs, poultry, or cows in city farms or urban gardens in the United States. They are commonplace city farm animals in England, and are ordinary village animals in Asia. Australians feel no repulsion towards them, and the edible guinea-pig lives comfortably in the homes of South Americans. But in the USA, no!”

Final Days at the Crazy Rooster Farm PDC

Cooking, lectures by Jeff Rabkin and Cathy Rose, a visit to Kristine Beck’s Farm project, final design work and presentations, a group picture. What a fulfilling and heartfelt week of projects, and most of all, great folks to share the wonder of Permaculture with.

More Pics from the Crazy Rooster Farm PDC

We had a visit from Dan Halsey, designer par excellence, today. Dan led the students through a plant guild design exercise. We spread compost tea and took soil samples. This morning our host Jeff Rabkin and former student Victor Suarez led a discussion on starting Crazy Rooster Farm and dealing with the intricacies of raising animals and the ins and outs of maintaining a sixty acre farm.


Crazy Rooster Farm PDC Continued

The course at Crazy Rooster in Wisconsin continues: digging swales, sheep wool sheet mulching (otherwise know as “sheep” mulching), scythes, design, rain, thunder and lightning (nitrogen), good food (again), and we are having the time of our lives! The sheep got out today! Round em up!

More Pics from the Crazy Rooster Farm PDC

The course continues: biochar, rocket stoves, a-frames, pocket siting levels, lectures, etc. Great group, lovely farm, benevolent hosts.

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