Report: Global Warming May Be Irreversible By 2006

Yes, according to the Onion:

“GENEVA—A new report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned Monday that global warming is likely to become completely irreversible if no successful effort is made to slow down the trend before 2006.” Read more of this penetrating article!

Sticks Found in the Woods

My answer to this question is a definitive and resounding yes! Organic matter, the most precious resource on this earth. Again it takes the Onion to ask a question like this with all its ramifications, whether intentional or not…

Paranoid Duck Convinced CIA Killing Off U.S. Bird Population

Why is it that I get so caught up in articles from the Onion? I will not dwell on reasons here, except that Onion news is all the news that’s “fit” to print. I think that this duck has got something here.

The Onion Does It Again: A Story about Toxic Waste

Another piece of the real news from the Onion.,1597/

The Onion Explains our Current Economy

Sorry, but you know how it is. The Onion explains things better in one article than all the other news out there put together. At least I can now understand where we are going with all this:,18169/

Man with Eyepatch in Town

Sorry about this. I just couldn’t resist. It happens to all of us.,18098/

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