Cordwood Chapel, New Swales, Footings for the Straw Clay Cabin

We are in the middle of a two-day cordwood workshop with Richard and Becky Flatau here at Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture. Recently put in new swales and terraces. Working on the footings for the straw clay slip cabin that we will be constructing during a nine-day natural building workshop that begins next Saturday. And the yurt…

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Building Infrastructure at Kinstone

The key to the development of any landscape is to build in a solid infrastructure first. Here at Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture we are in the midst of completing the utility building, installing a full shop into it, building stairs for the yurt, creating many terraces and a swale system, planting trees, measuring out the foundation and footprint of the straw clay cabin (9-day workshop approaches) and much more. It is an exciting time!

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Growing Mushrooms, Digging Swales, Grafting and Processing Acorns

More from the Accokeek Permaculture Design Certificate Course:

An Unexpected Yield at the Koinona PDC in Georgia

We are well into our annual Permaculture Design Certificate course here in Americus, Georgia at Koinonia Community. A couple of days ago we harvested a road kill deer and the students had the opportunity to process and eat it. We are also preparing a site for a four-day natural building course which will follow the PDC, digging rubble trench footings, repairing termite infested wood, lining up tools and materials. Rabbits, toads, site visits, swales, you name it…

Installing a Food Forest at Southern Illinois University

Today we began the process of putting in a food forest on the Southern Illinois University campus here in Carbondale, Illinois. Several students participated in digging swales and sheet mulching. It is located next to the university vermicompost operation. Once it is entirely sheet mulched we will be putting in some fruit and nut trees, and then the sky’s the limit.


Maryland PDC Continues

Our course in Maryland has gone exceptionally well. Jeff, one of our students, presented on renewables, we took a short sailing excursion on the Chesapeake near Annapolis in Stan the Architect’s schooner, we dug a swale at Cathy’s place and worked on our final designs. What a week! Can’t say enough about the integrity of this group.

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