The land in its wisdom will tell us what it needs if we would only ask. Let’s take a look at the climate zones of the earth, the tropical, temperate, and the polar. In the tropics the earth element predominates. It is as though the earth rises out of the ground in an immense display of woody forms. At the poles, where ice and snow present crystalline extravagance, it is as though air and light mirror back to us countless siliceous figures, and vegetation, when it does arise, lasts for relatively short bursts of time, in the geological scale. Temperate regions act as mediator between these two extremes, and, run the gamut of the birth and death cycle, following the movement of the sun around the ecliptic and the consequent change of seasons. This threefold arrangement on the earth is reflected in the human body as nerve-sense, metabolic, and rhythmic. The middle system in the human being is rhythmic, heart and lung. This is related to temperate regions where seasons alternate – summer, autumn, winter, spring, hot, cool, cold, warm. Our metabolic system breaks down substance and transforms it into nourishment and blood, the result of a thriving, active microbiology. Tropical regions, with their extreme biological intensity, are related to the metabolic pole in the human being. Dry, desert-like climates are associated with the nerves and senses of the human being, especially in the thinking pole, where nerves do not regenerate readily, if at all. We, as human beings, because we are patterned in this threefold manner, can easily relate to this threefold climatic configuration. This is key to an understanding of place. This threefold pattern can also be found in clouds, cumulus, stratus, cirrus; plant, root, stem and leaf, flower and fruit; rock, metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary. Through conscious awareness the threefold dynamic acts as a key inserted into a lock – turn it and all of life and death is reflected back to us and merges with the threefold nature of ourselves.