Jim Kovach

Vision Statement (from Jim Kovach)
End State:
Fully self sufficient and abundantly food producing property to support a lifestyle that is healthy, active, and giving towards others (family, friends, community, etc…).
-Healthy= nutritional, prescription drug free, sickness and illness free.
-Active= Hiking, walking, dog playing, bike riding, socially with others as allowed.
-Giving= Supportive in a supplemental fashion to my family, friends, local community.
Completely enabled to be pass down to future generations.

Goals as stated for the Jim Kovach Property, Glengary, West Virginia:
Intelligent thought and design towards any/all manipulation of the property, while maximizing existing resources, and species.  Efficient work flow throughout the house, and outside systems to minimize cost, maintenance, and level of effort, and energy.  Thoughtful use of all entities (animals, plants, trees) to maximize output of life sustaining and thriving relationships.  Intelligent selection of each species based upon consumption of resources/space/cost, and output of value.  Account for flexibility, redundancy, and agility to adjust for unknown events in the future, such that I minimize too many single points of failure of the entire property.

Timelines and Phases:
This will be an incremental implementation over a few years.

Not entirely sure, but $400K-$600K is within scope over the next 5-10 years.