Kinstone was founded by Kristine Beck upon the Wisconsin farmland where she grew up. This land has been in Kristine’s family for generations and there are deep roots here. Kinstone is a meditative, holistic landscape being designed and developed using permaculture principles as guidelines for the restoration of the land and rejuvenation of the people that will come to be there. While a definitive description may be elusive, Kristine has envisioned that Kinstone will become a dynamic combination of an education and contemplative center — it is a place for people to reconnect with what is important to them whether that is connections with earth and stone or with soul and spirit.

Kinstone is the manifestation of Kristine’s vision for a place to make connections to the land, Nature, God, self, and community. The idea of Kinstone originated as a personal place. A place to “just be”. As it has grown, Kristine has realized that the ideal of having a special place to re-energize and re-connect for herself has proven to be too great not to be shared. Using the resources available to her and relying upon the master teacher we have in Nature, Kinstone is a place of learning and discovery for those who seek it. It has evolved into a place that will transcend time. It will stand as a legacy to future generations.

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