Traditional uses
Revelation, seeing in one example 1000 questions

The universe is a series of events. Most are similar in form, as the core model (apple core). Tessellation is connected form of two core models from the earth, as the oceans and land masses or the simpler pattern of a tennis ball. Section of the core model demonstrates many recognizable patterns we see every day in the natural environment. Events evolve patterns because it is the most efficient way to grow. There are two classes of events one organic, typified by seeds as growth patterns, and one inorganic, atomic and typified by explosions and impacts (craters and shatters), like the pattern of the atomic bomb explosion. But they are both very similar in form.

Orders of All Things

Traditional uses of pattern by people:

• Critical in navigation in seas and deserts alike.
• Sagas and genealogy.
• Timing of events, and therefore prediction.

Patterns are information dense, as teaching systems.

Pattern understanding, and pattern teaching.

Pattern applications, and how to apply pattern knowledge in design. Design in a sense is good application of pattern or the sophisticated application of patterning.

Designer’s Checklist: Read in pattern analysis, and study the relationships of ORDERS and FORMS in nature, Patterned systems must be of appropriate size, or of the right order (i.e. note that small systems operate for things like frost protection and water conservation in crop). (See page 105 of the Designer’s Manual).


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