Corporate/Organizational Services: Permergy

A Corporate Planning Process for Sustainable Land Use and Structures

When planning for sustainable landscape and the built environment it requires a complete change in the thinking and culture of the organization and all stakeholders. Permergy facilitates this process through a series of workshops that help to reinvent the way we look at things from an ecological perspective.

Services for corporations and organizations include the following:
A Corporate Planning Process for Sustainable Land Use And Structures

This series of modules moves corporate personnel through the requirements needed to achieve sustainability in their use of land and buildings. It begins with understanding core principles, analyzing the existing grounds and structures, making a Master Plan and finally engaging in the implementation process (construction drawings, budgets, timeline, implementation). This process results in money saved due to the creation of efficiencies in land use and energy use.

Module 1: Introductory Workshop: Laying the Foundation for a Whole Systems Approach

This workshop jump-starts your organization’s sustainability program. If you’ve been thinking about planning and implementing sustainable strategies to improve your operations, market reputation, employee relations – or any other business function – this workshop lays the foundation for an integrated, whole-systems approach that will energize your employees and foster a spirit of team-building and innovation. The workshop focuses on developing a clear vision, an understanding of core principles, and a set of practical planning tools.

Module 2: Workshop on Comprehensive Permaculture Land/Structures Assessment and Recommendations

Once your organization is off to a good start, with an understanding of a whole-systems permaculture approach that is unique to your business, this workshop will include a detailed assessment of corporate land and structures and makes specific recommendations on how to improve sustainability.

Module 3: Full Permaculture Master Plan with Detailed CAD Drawings (see consulting services above)

This service is provided to those corporations who want to apply what they’ve learned about becoming sustainable. It entails making a detailed plan of action. Wayne Weiseman and associates help corporate personnel to develop a master plan complete with narrative and drawings. The process:

  • Begins with an intensive design charrette with all stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Subsequently, the team reviews and collates all materials collected and works them into a master plan.
  • They look closely at code requirements, zoning, budget, time lines for future implementation.
  • They develop a narrative and create a full set of hand-drawn or CAD drawings
  • The master plan includes a full design and redesign of  the corporate, university, civic or governmental campus – from sustainable culture to the green built environment.
  • This master plan is a precursor to construction drawings and implementation of the project.

Module 4: Planning & Implementation

In this final phase, The Permaculture Project helps corporate staff toward implementation: the “final step” in the design process. Architects and engineers create a full set of construction drawings, budgets, and time lines.