What is The Permaculture Project LLC?


IMG_1521The Permaculture Project LLC is a permaculture design and education services company founded by Wayne Weiseman in 2001 and based in southern Illinois in the USA. The Permaculture Project LLC provides education, design and consulting services worldwide, that focus on implementing land and structure designs based on the principles of permaculture. Wayne is passionate about helping students and clients learn to read the landscape to find the “spirit of place” and to see how each one’s soul and spirit is connected to and impacted by the spirit of the land they inhabit. We use appropriate tools and technologies that create positive and ethical lifestyle changes,  sustain rather than diminish resources,  harmonize relations between ecological and human systems, and stabilize these systems for future generations.

Through curriculum development and education, consultation, research, design and implementation, The Permaculture Project LLC teaches self‑reliance to farmers, ranchers, landowners, home‑owners, gardeners, urban dwellers, architects, builder-developers, educators, students, administrators, businesses, communities, regional planners and any others seeking to learn. Using the design science of permaculture we seek to achieve balance and health in the local environment by synthesizing applied biology, small scale technology, and integrative architecture with renewable energies and biological-earth systems.

Care and love of the earth are at the core of our work ethic. Values grow naturally out of care of the earth, care of people, the ethical distribution of surplus wealth and building sustainable human support systems. Through these values we come to understand the inherent connection between Nature, humanity and society. Since every thought, word and action carries consequences and impacts ourselves and others, each person shares responsibility for the development of others.