Master Design Practicum

This master permaculture design practicum is for anyone looking to study permaculture design at a deeper level. Enhance your understanding of the permaculture ethics and principles and practice applying them to property designs with input and guidance from the instructor. It is required that the prospective student gather any and all information about their particular site or a client’s site and bring it to the practicum.

This is an intensive course; we work for ten to twelve hours per day. The student will go home with a finished design for their property. Students must be committed to actualizing their work.

Your landscape is filled with possibilities. Locked in your property may be the means to sustain an abundant lifestyle for growing your food, collecting fresh rainwater for drinking and reducing your dependence on purchased resources. This design course will unlock the ecological capital that abounds within your yard, fields, or the neighborhood that surrounds you. It will give you the skills and foresight needed to assess, conceive and design your property into a perpetual harvest garden.  Pre-requisite: PDC Certificate.

  • Review of the permaculture concept
  • Design methodologies
  • Whole systems thinking
  • Ecological design
  • Scale of Permanence and how to utilize it for assessment and design
  • Base plans, plat maps, satellite maps, scaling and map measurements
  • Observation exercises
  • Site assessment and site assessment tool kits
  • The scale of permanence, sector analysis, the zone system, needs, products and behaviors as templates for design
  • Recognizing and following natural patterns
  • Drawing practice and landscape symbols
  • Drafting and drawing tools
  • Design drivers, goal setting, envisioning the needs and wants of the client
  • Bubble diagrams
  • Draft design (hand-drawing)
  • Concept evaluation
  • Plant databases, building databases, and internet resources
  • Polyculture design