Permaculture Village, Suburban and Urban Design

neu-thumb(Includes corporate campuses, college and university campuses, government campuses)

Influenced by the Smartcode work of Andres Duany and the architecture systems of Christopher Alexander, Nikos Salingaros, and Rudolf Steiner along with the principles and methodologies of permaculture design and bio-culture, we have created a unique approach to urban and village planning where all stakeholders move through an intensive creative “process”. We might say that everyone designs, everyone takes part in the development of the neighborhood.

Is there such a thing as a healthy “urban ecosystem”? In essence, it is all about the function relationships that we create in our design process in order to tie all the many elements of an urban site(s) together into a patterned, working whole.

The Permaculture Project works with county and city planners, and other government officials to develop comprehensive permaculture planning and design for villages, towns, and cities. The process of design includes the following steps:

  • Make a thorough evaluation of the village (suburban, urban) site, and available ecological resources
  • Investigate renewable and sustainable systems and materials
  • Design the vision
  • Develop and integrate systems
  • Complete detailed design (whether for raw land or preexisting settlements)
  • Create action steps for putting the plan into motion
  • Manifest the design on the ground
  • Manage and maintain the system