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Curriculum Development – Grade School Through University

The Permaculture Project LLC offers pre-service training and in-service support for educators in Permaculture that include nature observation, environmental sciences, current issues, hands-on field experience, co-operative learning, curriculum exploration and methods for development, student assessment and evaluation.

Our curriculum development goal is to enhance traditional education by integrating holistic learning into school curricula and create programs that promote personal self-discovery in the natural world by:

  • Encouraging self-reflection on nature
  • Intertwining environmental and ecological studies with our daily existence
  • Celebrating change, observing and studying the rhythms and evolution of nature
  • Increasing and defining ecological and bioregional literacy
  • Studying cultural and natural diversity
  • Creating sustainable designs for living within a region of study
  • Recreating the life and folk ways of local prehistoric and historic cultures
  • Teaching global thinking and the spiritual understanding of the natural world