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“Modern life, with its over valuation of intellectual thinking and its neglect of feeling and willing- especially in education- forms man’s physical constitution in a pathologically one-sided way. This raises once again the deep connection of education and healing…All education should be healing, just as all healing must ultimately be educational.”
– Rudolf Steiner

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Course Schedule

Advanced Trainings & Intensives

Through the years the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course has served thousands of students with a solid introductory framework in the principles and methodologies of the Permaculture design system. And it continues to do so. But oftentimes the question arises, “what’s next?” The need to go beyond the basics, and to focus in on the many specific practices from such a comprehensive system as permaculture, has been a pressing need for many of our students everywhere.

In order to address these needs, The Permaculture Project is now offering several advanced intensives in these topic areas:

Advanced Design Training (Master Design Practicum)

An advanced permaculture design course based on the five phases of project development with a deeper level of study of permaculture ethics and principles.

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Curriculum Development – Grade School Through University

This course is for teachers to learn how to incorporate the permaculture design principles and methods into their own curricula to enhance traditional education and create programs that promote personal self-discovery in the natural world.

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Biodynamic Gardening and Agriculture

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of the relationship of earth, life and human beings from scientific and eco-spiritual perspectives…

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City Building-Based Workshop

From Landform (topography) to finished site, students construct a working model of an ecologically sound rural, suburban, or urban land base.

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Sacred Measure, Number and Geometry as the Basis for Design

In this seminar you will learn how to read the intrinsic geometries of the landscape and how to apply them in your work as a designer and master planner for individual sites.

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Whole House Agriculture

In this intensive three to five (3-5) day class you will learn that “farming” can be defined in a much broader context. Farming is not just something that is done on large tracts of land out in the country!

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Integrated Forest Gardening

Authors Wayne Weiseman, Daniel Halsey, and Bryce Ruddock have created the first, and most comprehensive, book about plant guilds. Wayne Weiseman teaches a three-day practicum based on the process found in his book.

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Plant Intensive

Explore, observe, study and interact with plants! Enjoy discovery walks through prairie, woodland, savanna, pasture, gardens, farm fields, and other ecosystems located at or near the educational venue. You will learn the basics of plant propagation, grafting, seed saving and more.

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Conferences & Lectures

Wayne participates in and lectures at various conferences around the US each year. He offers lectures on permaculture and it’s many topics. Additionally, he has specific topical presentations related to plant guilds and forest gardens based on his book, Integrated Forest Gardening.