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Wayne Weiseman and The Permaculture Project

Wayne Weiseman and The Permaculture Project

Wayne Weiseman – Teacher, Designer, Consultant, Author…

Wayne Weiseman is a permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and author. He lives in Carbondale, Illinois with his wife, Frances and daughter, Halima.  He was certified to teach permaculture by Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture, in 1999. Wayne has taught hundreds of Permaculture Design Courses around the world. He has served as a consultant and lecturer to educators, school administrators, business leaders, and others internationally. For 15 years Wayne managed a land-based, self-reliant community project combining organic crop/food production, ecologically-built shelter, renewable energy and appropriate technologies.

Wayne is a co-author of an authoritative book on integrated forest gardening and plant guilds that was published in August, 2014. If you are interested in obtaining a signed copy of the book, please contact Wayne at The Permaculture Project (Contact Us) and he will sell you one directly for just $35 plus shipping. The book is also available on Amazon at this link:  Integrated Forest Gardening: The Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems and through it’s publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing – IFG.  

Wayne is currently (2017/18) working on a new book that combines the work of Rudolf Steiner and Bill Mollison.

The Permaculture Project

Wayne founded The Permaculture Project LLC in 2001 as a permaculture design and education services company. It is based in Carbondale, Illinois, USA. The Permaculture Project LLC provides education, design and consulting services worldwide focused on implementing land and structure designs based on the principles and ethics of permaculture. We use appropriate tools and technologies that create positive and ethical lifestyle changes, sustain rather than diminish resources, harmonize relations between ecological and human systems, and stabilize these systems for future generations.

Through curriculum development and education, consultation, research, design and implementation, The Permaculture Project LLC works with farmers, ranchers, landowners, home‑owners, gardeners, urban dwellers, architects, builder-developers, educators, students, administrators, businesses, communities, regional planners and any others seeking to learn. Wayne uses the design science of permaculture as a foundation and incorporates biodynamic methods as well as sacred geometry in his work. He seeks to create the most balanced and healthful habitat for his clients by helping them discover and align themselves with the core spirit of their place.

Care and love of the earth are at the core of our work ethic. Values grow naturally out of care of the earth, care of people, reinvesting surplus back into earth and people, and building sustainable human support systems. Through these values we come to understand the inherent connection between Nature, humanity and society.

Wayne Weiseman and The Permaculture Project LLC can be contacted as indicated below or by clicking here:  CONTACT US.

Wayne Weiseman
The Permaculture Project LLC
510 W Pecan St
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phone: (618) 713-0537