Eco-Building Planning & Design

StrawbalecabinWhat would it be like to inhabit a healthy and energy efficient home where the walls breathe and the water that falls from the sky is what we drink and wash with? What would it be like to contribute to the restoration of depleted habitats by building with local and natural materials, eliminating the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and begin making a huge step forward to protect our children and theirs from the massive despoliation of forests and ecosystems that we have brought on over the past hundred or so years?

We might ask this question first: Can this building that we are constructing be completely recycled and composted at the end of its life cycle?

The Permaculture Project LLC helps the client(s) plan and design their ideal shelter: home, office, utility building, cabin, etc.

If you own an existing home we design in retrofits that will meet a gold standard of ecologically sound and energy efficient planning and design.

Our team of licensed architects, permaculture designers, engineers and experienced natural builders will put you on the right track not only toward comfortable shelter, while we help you realize your dream of responsible ecological action.

Permaculture is about comprehensive design. We are not simply planning and building a home. We are taking all aspects of a site into consideration: water, soil, climate, geology, plants and animals, energy usage, whatever it takes to delineate a design for an entire lifestyle based on earth stewardship.