Cliff Davis

cliff profile picCliff Davis co-owns Spiral Ridge Permaculture, a family run education company specializing in permaculture, regenerative farming, natural building and nature connection. He also owns and operates, New Agrarian Design, a full-scale design/build firm offering services in permaculture homesteading, regenerative farming, agrarian neighborhoods and urban farm planning. He developed these businesses out of his passion to address cultural and ecological issues that demand real and lasting solutions and encourage more people to homestead and help save family farms by making them more ecological and productive. He has 15 years of experience studying and applying permaculture in temperate, tropical/subtropical and dry land climates and has taught and/or mentored hundreds of students.

Cliff has vast experience in the fields of permaculture, food forestry, organics, homesteading, appropriate technology, natural building, deep nature connection and regenerative agriculture. These experiences and the knowledge gained by doing are what allow him to offer a comprehensive, integrative approach to land and culture repair. As a teacher of introductory and advanced courses, he empowers others to take a hands-on, holistic approach to design. His humor, straight-forward style and determination to make positive change, make him an engaging instructor, consultant and designer. Experience matters. For a detailed look at his experience, training & mentors and a list of courses that he has taught, check out his resume.

Cliff can be most easily reached at: [email protected] or by phone at 931.231.4099.