So, what do we seek out in the landscape, what signs, what letters, words, what is the story, and what language, what the gesture, what the rhythm, the hue, texture, the phrase, the stanza of the landscape? And how do we artistically combine and recombine all the patterns that we find into a working unity when nature is all about change? Is there a template, a drawing we make, that is able to depict this consummate dynamism? Is this even possible, as we change, and so go the trees? Or do we designate “spaces” and go from there? Can we control the apple tree that thrusts its branches upward and outward, and gives us fruit in abundance one year and little the next?

The sub-grids that lie beneath the revealed world are rarely seen, if at all, through the mechanism of the eye. But these sub-grids, matrices, lattices of active geometries are overlaid by the cosmos (from the Greek word designating “adornment”) in all its manifold manifestation. The patterns we experience are inestimable, and they are buoyed by pervasive and formidable centers, seeds, sparks, restoring and regenerating universe at every micro-milli-second.

By default, all is in relationship. We cannot separate ourselves, isolate ourselves, from anything that “touches” us in our immediate environment, an environment that presses in us, an environment that receives our outpourings of emotion, thought, movement, action, craft. Think of how tiles fit together on a countertop, how homes define the landscape around them and how the landscape defines the home, how city skylines rise and fall in great waveforms and are outlined by sky, cloud, light, darkness. What is figure, and what ground in all these instances?