Alice says that music is God. Each day is a joy to her. Is not setting out our garden or designing a natural home not music? Under the most dire of circumstances we can choose to hear the music, focus our efforts on seeing what we are looking at, and as I stated in yesterday’s post, elect, or choose, to choose. Create beauty, plant flowers, vegetables, high yielding nut trees. We are living in an era when constraints, “disasters”, stress surround us daily. What opportunities lie buried in this “wasteland”? It is all in the design, is it not? We can create within the context of the glory of creation. We can set our harmonious footprint on the ground and set our harmonious footprint down as an example of what could be, what is. Our palette, as permaculture practitioners, is the plants, the animals, the resources that we choose to use in a balanced and healthy fashion. We can create beauty amongst the ruins, truth amongst the crumbling castles of commerce and reinvigorate the landscape that gives us life. Please watch this inspiring video about 107 year old Alice.