In our work we seek the very soul of place, a soul that is situated between matter and spirit, which we contain, and which contains us. There is little disjunction here. The world simply does not lay about me extensively, spread out as a vast palette of disconnected “things”. We do not go about our business with “physics envy”. We will not withdraw our participation in the world. Is it possible that love and a resanctification and resacralization of the circle of earth might break the existing state of affairs, the “reign of quantity”, the autocratic, customary, scientific purview of the realm?

How would we design our life, a life, any life? What force of creative will and creative intelligence are we capable of bringing to the matter at hand? What immediate and archetypal patterns (ideas) dare we unearth through the astute and rigorous observation of the creation around us that would give rise to a gathering of wholes within wholes, patterns that give our lives quality, palpable qualities of family, love, where all of our senses are engaged in delight, where as we walk to gather eggs from the chickens at dawn our senses bespeak utter joyful satisfaction along the path that our feet have carved between a glorious blend of colors, shapes, textures in multifarious plant species, mammals, birds, and the succulent smell of fertile earth at sunrise.