So we can take this sixth of an acre and expand it into the neighborhood far and wide or take its essential methods and expand them onto a hundred or more acres. There is such a large quantity of food, medicine, and utility here that we are at a point of surfeit. Gluttony will not even make a dent in this…

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Partial Species List

Anise hyssop, Arapaho thornless blackberry, Arugula, Assorted Japanese greens, assorted lettuces, assorted lilies, assorted wildflowers, azalea, bamboo, basil, Beauregard sweet potatoes, bell peppers, bluebead lily, blueray blueberry, broccoli, bronze fennel, bush beans, cabbage, calendula, canna lilies, carrots, Catawba grape, cauliflower, cayenne peppers, chives, Chojuro Asian pear, cilantro, claytonia, columbine, comfrey, Concord grape, Crimson Star goji berries, cypress, dandelion, day lilies, Delicious plum, dianthus, dill, Eastern Prince Schisandra, Echinacea, Elegant cornelian cherry, Enterprise apple, feverfew, forsythia, French tarragon, Gamua filbert, gill over the ground, ginkgo, Goldrush apple, ground ivy, Hall’s hardy almond, Hardy Giant Asian pear, Harglow apricot, hollyhock, iris, Jalapeno peppers, kale, lavender, Legacy blueberry, lemon balm, lily of the valley, lingonberries, Mango grafted paw paw, marigolds, marjoram, Meader persimmon, mesclun mix, mulberry, mullein, mustard greens, nasturtium, Nova elderberry, Ohio buckeye, onions, oregano, ornamental grasses, pansies, parsley, passion flower, paw paw, peas, peppermint, Pioneer cornelian cherry, redbud, rhubarb, Rosa rugosa, rosemary, sage, Santiam filbert, sedum, Solomon’s seal, spearmint, spiderwort, spinach, strawberries, summer savory, sunflowers, sweet gum, Swiss chard, thyme, tomatoes, turkey fig, turnips, vinca, violets, white clover, white pine, wild ginger, wild strawberries, wooly thyme, yarrow, yellow raspberries, yellow summer squash, yucca, Yukon gold potatoes, zucchini