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Consultations with the Permaculture Project LLC are based on uncovering the sacred nature of the earth and recognizing the “spirit of place”. This  foundation enables our clients to learn for themselves, how reading their property and engaging in finding the “spirit of place” connects them to their land.

Our professional team of expert designers and technicians, will create a master plan with you that will move you along a simple trajectory to food self sufficiency, ecologically sound living, energy efficiency and ecosystem restoration on your property. The Permaculture project LLC delivers and organizes top-notch training events, workshops and consultations the world over. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest and most effective methods, techniques, and appropriate technologies so you can learn what is essential in order to move forward with the regeneration of your enterprise, family, landscape and community. Get in touch with us now and get started!

How does a Permaculture Project LLC design process work?

The Permaculture Project LLC offers consulting services that are performed using all or portions of an 5-phase comprehensive design and implementation process. Consultations include one or more of the following: assessment and inventory of property, GPS/GIS, Sketchup animation, CAD drawings, hand drawings, drone surveys, drone camera pictures and videos (aerials).

A General Framework of the Design Process

  • Identify key ideas – essential thoughts
  • Look at the nature of soils – fertility, carrying capacity, biology, ecology
  • Infrastructure – what patterns will be placed on the land?
  • Native settlement and history – how did indigenous people and our ancestors live on this land?
  • Materials and resources – what materials are locally available?
  • Climate – what are the climate and weather patterns of the region?
  • What are the ecosystem services of the bioregion?

Here are some of the GIS Data and Mapping Solutions for site assessment and master planning we may utilize:

  • Environmental Analysis
  • Print and Digital Mapping
  • Large Format Printing
  • Field Data Collection Systems and Services
  • Internet GIS Services (e.g. Website Mapping Applications such as Google Maps, Open Layers, Leaflet; Data Hosting (PostGIS)
  • RTK GPS Surveying
  • Drone photography and video
  • Aerial drone based surveying and photogrammetry
  • 3D modeling and model animations
  • CAD
  • Raster and Vector Editors
  • Trimble Sketchup Pro

How long does it take to get a The Permaculture Project LLC master plan / design completed?

Generally, master planning and design work that includes concept plans and a full narrative report takes about 1 calendar month. The duration may change based on the size of the property and the goals of the client.

More detail about each of our Project Phases is provided on the Consultation Services Information page. To see various case studies, please check out our Portfolio page.

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