Permaculture Teacher Training (Master Practicum)

Permaculture, as an idea, has reached its prime. As courses flourish all over the world, there is a pressing need for experienced and well-trained instructors. Based on years of teaching the Permaculture curriculum, we have identified these areas of training as the most salient points in bringing the principles and methodologies home to students in a clear and accessible manner. The student is required to create presentations, or hands-on activities, and present them to the class participants for critique and revision. Pre-requisite: PDC Certificate, or similar experience.

  • Philosophy and ethics of teaching Permaculture and personal stories – needs and objectives
  • Teaching systems and learning styles
  • The art of teaching and the role of the instructor
  • Presentation styles and presentations
  • Curriculum building, module planning, learning objectives and outcomes
  • Facilitation, team teaching, co-instructing, time management, flow, evaluations
  • Planning, marketing, economics, mentorships, apprenticeships
  • Creating design modules
  • Presentation revision and presentation skills (the most important aspect of this training)
  • Group presentations and critiques